System Cryptography Setting

I recently faced an issue with cryptographic algorithms that had no idea of what that meant. So, this is the summary of what was it and how I solved it.

I was told a CD server just stopped working with the following error. The surprise started on the error title since I haven’t seen that before and didn’t understand why the CM server was working and not this CD server.

“The implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms.”

I started looking at the Sitecore logs, didn’t find something specific. Then, moved to the IIS log with no luck again. I was trying to find something to blame the error, but didn’t find something clear. By that time, one of my coworkers recycled the application pool couple of times with the same error.
Then, I moved to the Events Viewer and finally compared the config files (App_Config) between the CM and CD server.

It was only after some time reading different web pages and blogs that I was able to find something that seemed to make sense in my case (link in the reference section). This is the main reason of this blog, since I would like to help the developer community with more documentation about this error.

The solution was to disable the following setting part of the Local Group policy Editor: “System cryptography”.

In my case, this setting was enabled on the CD server by mistake and was the cause of the error. It also wasn’t present on the CM server and made sense to why the error was present only on this CD server.



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