Sitecore .Net 10 Certification Notes

This is an attempt to help to prepare people for this certification based on the notes I gathered to prepare myself. This assumes you have some previous Sitecore Knowledge since the content is composed mainly of links from Sitecore documentation.

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Sitecore Symposium 2019 Takeaways

An opportunity to learn, a place to meet your tech-heroes or MVPs, and a chance to enjoy a fun place like Orlando where every kid wants to go – including me. This year’s Symposium marked a great personal satisfaction. Having the opportunity to attend and being my first time, made me feel this is the place where to be if you are part of the community. There are quite some anecdotes and stories to tell, so let’s just start with my takeaways before this gets too long.

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Client RSS Feeds

Continuing with the RSS series, this time we will talk about the other type of RSS that Sitecore provides. Just a reminder, we first talked about the different types of RSS feeds we can create in Sitecore as well as the main differences and features. Then, we talked about external or regular RSS designed for content created in the site. Now, it is time to talk about the internal RSS or the one designed to work with items and their state in a workflow.

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Create a Regular RSS Feed

So, you want to create a RSS feed in Sitecore. Please just take a look at this post as background or at least the “Important Notes” section. In the previous post I talked about the different RSS feed you are able to create within Sitecore and I just want to make sure you are in the correct place and this is what you need before discuss the implementation details.

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