Create a Regular RSS Feed

So, you want to create a RSS feed in Sitecore. Please just take a look at this post as background or at least the “Important Notes” section. In the previous post I talked about the different RSS feed you are able to create within Sitecore and I just want to make sure you are in the correct place and this is what you need before discuss the implementation details.

This post in intended to give you a quick overview of how to create a regular RSS feed for you content. I will include steps and screenshots with an example, but if you need a full detailed walkthrough you can go here.

The steps are quick and simple: create the feed, configure it and finally use it.

Create the feed

You can either create a folder to save all your RSS feeds or directly create the RSS in any place you would like to create it. After this, you can create a new item based on the “RSS Feed” template. Then, you will just need to define the parent item of the items you would like to use in the feed.

Reminder: You need to specify an item with subitems, otherwise the feed will not return data.

Configure the feed

We now need to define the different fields the RSS will be displaying for title, description, etc, or in other words, will be presented in the feed. So, click on any item part of the feed and click on Presentation tab > Design.

Reminder: You can define different fields per template. So, if you have more than one template in the folder you selected for the feed, you will then be able to define different fields per template.

Use the feed

Well, it is time to test and use our feed. The easiest way is to create a link in any part of your site pointing to the RSS Feed we created in the first step.



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