Client RSS Feeds

Continuing with the RSS series, this time we will talk about the other type of RSS that Sitecore provides. Just a reminder, we first talked about the different types of RSS feeds we can create in Sitecore as well as the main differences and features. Then, we talked about external or regular RSS designed for content created in the site. Now, it is time to talk about the internal RSS or the one designed to work with items and their state in a workflow.

Let’s remember the three types of internal RSS from Sitecore documentation:

  • Item feeds – keep you up to date on the entire item and are useful for content authors.
  • Workflow feeds – keep you up to date on the entire workflow and are useful for administrators and super users who have access to every workflow state that the workflow contains.
  • Workflow state feeds – keep you up to date on this particular workflow state. These client feeds are useful for content authors and managers who only have access to particular workflow states.

Creating a client RSS is easier and quicker than a regular RSS. You just need to select the item you want to work with and then click on Review > Subscribe:

Note: This functionality requires old technologies and such it only works on Internet Explorer. By the time I wrote this post, it wasn’t working on any other browser I checked (Firefox, Chrome, and Edge).

Then, you will see something similar to this page, where you can find information about the item, the different versions it has, as well as some links in case you want to change the state of the workflow.

Important Notes:

  • This page will also work for workflow states where you will see some links to move around the different statuses you have set.
  • By default, any person with the proper URL will be able to see the page since RSS doesn’t support authorization. However, only Sitecore users will be able to click on any link to edit the item or change its status in the workflow.
  • The user will be asked, then, his password every time he wants to make a change in the RSS.



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