Sitecore Developer Resources

As Sitecore developers is important to know the different resources we have available so we can get a hand when needed, which is pretty much all the time in my case.

Let’s start with the basics, which is of course, the Stack Exchange of Sitecore. As you know, you can find pretty much all the answers in stack overflow, so will find some very good here.

Let’s move to the official documentation, which has to be part of the resources of course. You should start with these if you are trying to learn new things on Sitecore since they will give you a strong foundation.

We can’t forget Sitecore Slack, which is a great resource for some quick expert advice from the community. Here are some quick tips for this chat though:

  • Take a look at all channels the account has. I think it has one channel for every possible Sitecore topic related (TDS, questions, venting, general, SUGCON, etc)
  • Please read the guidelines of the community. This basically means ask questions where it belongs. For example, ask any question you have inside the “sitecore-chat” channel, Sitecore user groups dates inside “sitecore-user-groups”, any WFFM question in “wffm-forms”, etc.

Continuing with the community help, you can’t forget Sitecore User Groups. This is a great tool the community has to talk about Sitecore with friends. If you are lucky to have one in your city, reach out to the coordinators and assist to their sessions. If you don’t have one if the city, it is okay. Many of them has their sessions on Internet and can be even watched live. Luckily for us, the majority of them use Meetup to let us know when the next meeting is going to happen.

Last but not least, the help from a good blog like this one 🙂 Here is my personal list, but obviously there are very good ones out there:

Finally, I while ago I wrote an article of what is the Sitecore Technology MVP as well as give you some guidelines of how to get it too. This, in addition to another post of how to get certified on Sitecore are my attempts to hopefully inspire all of you to get on the path of becoming a great Sitecore developer.


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